Relocation of Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre walk-in service

The contract for the NHS service provided at Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre runs out in March 2016. This means the NHS must decide whether to continue these services in the same way or make changes as to what and where services are provided in the future. One proposal is to relocate the ‘walk-in’ service at Guildhall Walk to the St Mary’s Treatment Centre, in the Fratton area of the city, to bring all Portsmouth... walk-in services together in one location. [...]

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‘Making a Difference’ award

Healthwatch Portsmouth were proud to be part of 5 Healthwatches across the NHS Wessex region who won a highly commended award from Healthwatch England's National Conference back in 2015. The award itself was for 'Making a Difference' with other local Healthwatch outlets. This was awarded for the work we did designing a framework guide for good practice with patient and public engagement in commissioning. In the image we have (from left to right): Martyn Webster (Dorset Healthwatch), Joanna Smith [...]

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