Queen Alexandra Hospital’s Rheumatology Department have arranged an Easter cream tea dance on Saturday 13 April 2019 3pm at St Colmans Church Hall on Colman Avenue near to the hospital . Further details in flyer below

QA Department of Rheumatology cream tea dance flyer

Information from the hospital:
Not many people know that bones are rigid living organ of the body. It reacts to any increases in load or any forces upon it by growing strongerand rigid.

Bone strength is a significant health concern. Weakness in bones and the insufficient bone mass associated with osteoporosis can lead to fractures, particularly fractures of the wrist, hip and spine.

Exercise — particularly strength-training and weight-bearing activities — is an effective preventive measure for osteoporosis. Dance is a form ofweight-bearing activity because your legs must support the entire weight of your body.

Ballroomdancing is typically a form of weight-bearing activity considering that it’s the legs that support the entire parts of the body. Research suggests that high intensity exercises associated with dancing causes formation of new bone tissues, making your bones stronger and rigid. They also make the muscles stronger by tugging and pushing them against the bones during stretching and broadening.

Sr Amanda Finnegan “ The good news is that Ballroom dancing increases our overall bone density, strength, balance and coordination, our Dance for your Bones cream tea dance is a great way helping us all keep fit and active whilst having fun,we are so lucky that Pauline Peskett from PP Dance Club is leading our Easter Cream Tea Dance again”

Colin Beevor Matron “Did you mention tea and cake I hear you ask,  absolutely!, from the time you arrive until after the interval staff from the Department of Rheumatology serve you with piping hot pots of tea or coffee and a nice selection of cake. It’s included in the ticket price – we know all that dancing is thirsty work.

Tickets are available by emailing Rheumatology.Conference@porthosp.nhs.uk or telephoning 023 92286638 (Monday to Thursday 08:00-4:00pm)