Cover from Healthwatch England report Whats it like to be a carer?Healthwatch England have published a new report, based on their research with over 5,000 carers, which attempts to reflect the carers’ experience across England.

Key findings

  • Carers are not always aware of their rights to an assessment and information and advice.
  • Carers only start looking for help when they reach a ‘crisis’ point. Any delay in accessing support at this point has an adverse effect on their health and wellbeing.
  • Carers have to wait an average of 57 days for services once they request support. This, in and of itself, is not an overly long wait, the problem is that people are only requesting support when they have already reached crisis.
  • Many councils (48%) do not know how many carers are in their area, very few councils (30 or 23%) were able to say how long carers were waiting for services.

Full report: Whats it like to be a carer? Healthwatch England policy briefing, October 2018