Healthwatch Portsmouth (HWP) Public Board Meeting 24.10.17

Held at Cosham Community Centre, Portsmouth.

Present: Graham Heaney (GH) Chair, Roger Batterbury (RB) Vice Chair, Brenda Skinner (BS), Jane Bailey (JB),Trish Bailey (TB),  Amanda McKenzie (AM), Patrick Fowler (PF), Siobhain McCurrach (SM), Alison Nicholson (AN).

Item 1:  Welcome and apologies.

Introductions: GH welcomed all to the meeting and invited the Board to introduce themselves to the members of the public present.

Apologies: Ram Jassi, (RJ) Steve Glennon (SG), Ken Ebbens (KE)

Item 2: Declarations of interest

No interests were declared.

Item 3:  Minutes of last meeting (05/09/17) and matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting were noted and approved.

Matter arising:

· Page 2 – SM informed the meeting board members had volunteered and an update on the Multi-Speciality Community Providers (MCPs) task and finish group would be covered later in the meeting.

· Page 3 – RB asked that it be noted he contributed to the development of the PRRT via a Quality Audit.

Item 4:  Operational update:

SM presented her operational update to the board which included the HWP Quarter 2 Jul – Sep 2017 Performance Report.

Points to note included:

· Quarter 2 Performance Report: Healthwatch Portsmouth KPIs were discussed at the contract meeting earlier today and SM informed the meeting that Portsmouth City Council (PCC) were happy with them. There followed a discussion regarding issues with the collection of data from the HWP website as a result of a query from JB regarding the figures given in the latest report.

· MCP: Following the presentation made to the board in June SM and HWP board members have attended two mini-task and finish group meetings to discuss the future

public engagement plan on those elements of the Multi-speciality Care Providers (MCP) model that are still to be developed pending patient and public feedback.   SM reported that the meetings have been very useful. In addition to a brief update in the Q2 PCC report SM also presented a separate report which has been produced by Nick Brooks, Head of Communications and Engagement, Portsmouth CCG to provide an update to the HWP Board, as had been agreed at the June and September Board meetings to provide an update on progress. The HWP members of the Task and Finish Group will review the CCG’s communications and engagement plan for the MCP project and provide comment on how and when we can input.

· GP Merger: SM informed the board that HWP had been informed of the merger but had  not been invited to gather feedback or take part in a future open patient event that was mentioned in the stakeholder letter (dated May ’17) regarding the announcement this month from Portsmouth CCG of the planned merger of two GP practices; Trafalgar and Eastney. SM to contact the CCG to discuss in addition to asking if a review has taken place on the closure of Queens Road Surgery and the impact it had on the patients. HWP were led to believe we would be included in the review. PF suggested a letter from the Board. RB commented that it is important to look at the changes from a patients point of view i.e. less people answering the phone or larger patient population.

A member of the public asked if it was known how many practices have closed in the city?  AM responded that technically only one practice had closed, all other changes had come from mergers and changes to locations, and some buildings that were being used were not accessible/appropriate any more. RB suggested that it could be a possible HWP community research project to look at the way GP services had changed in the city. RB went on to inform the meeting that he had asked at the City-wide CCG meeting if there was a plan in place if one provider took over all of the practices in the city, their response was, they do not. SM explained that as part of the HWP work plan we will be visiting all of the practices this year.

· CQC Updates: SM asked the Board if they were happy to continue to receive the weekly CQC alters.  The Board confirmed they were happy for this to continue.

· Portsmouth Hospital Trust: SM reported that further to HWP’s participation in the range of meetings that have been convened to discuss PHT’s plans to improve care we have been hoping to be invited to take part in substantive discussions on ways in which patients and the public can be involved in providing feedback to influence the plans for service improvement.  HWP will be meeting with Mark Cubbon, Chief Executive of PHT on 28th November so can raise the matter directly then with Mark if progress on involving Healthwatch Portsmouth in the engagement plan has been slow prior to that.  SM informed the meeting that HWP had been fortunate to have also booked Mark Cubbon to address the next HWP Board meeting on Monday 4th December 4pm to 6pm (n.b new date to accommodate Mark’s diary commitments) the Board will be able to discuss directly with Mark the involvement of HWP and the processes for engaging the patients and public in PHT decision making.

· GDPR: HWP Community Engagement Officer attended free training provided by Action Portsmouth on the new rules coming into force from May 2018 regarding General Data Protection Regulations.  It is very important for organisations to be aware of the requirements. There will be an update for volunteers.

· New member of staff: Sm informed the meeting that a new ‘Bridge To Work’ funded administration assistant has started and had already proved to be a great support.

Item 5: Update from Pat Fowler, Head of Health and Wellbeing Partnerships of Learning Links

PF gave an update on the projects he is currently working on including:

· Integrated Personal Commissioning (IPC) project: PF gave an overview and an update on this project.  He thanked all of the volunteers that had helped disseminate the surveys, the closing date of which has been extended to 17th November.  PF is hoping to be in a position to share key themes at the December board meeting.

· QA Hospital: PF attended the Quality Surveillance Group meeting hosted at QA Hospital to help support QA make improvements. Portsmouth Hospital Trust have been told they cannot use pressures around winter, trips and fells, etc., as excuses.  PF explained that as part of the concern from the CQC report was around Safeguarding, HWP are part of the Quality Surveillance sub group which will look at this. The first meeting is due to be held on 24th November. PF agreed to share the terms of reference for this group.

· STP Partnership:  Wessex Voices has invited HWP and other local HW to attend a communication & engagement workshop on 21st November.  SM & GH to attend. The Board felt that not enough engagement had taken place so far with patients and the public.

· Health and Wellbeing Board:  PF informed the meeting that the is a new Health and Wellbeing strategy being formulated and there are plans to meet with the administrator with regards to this and to discuss engagement opportunities.

AM explained this was the very start of the process.

Question from the public: What links to veterans do you have as we are a military city I am concerned about the services for their mental health.  AM explained about the recent research company of makers had competed AN agreed to send this information on the gentleman concerned. An example was given and AM agreed to flag concerns with the lead to the suicide prevention team.

Item 6:  Guest speaker: presentation from MCP Task and Finish Group.

Due to annual leave no one from the MCP team was available to attend the meeting but a report was submitted as previously mentioned in the minutes.  PF explained to those present

that the Multi-disciplinary Community Providers (MCP) is the local delivery if the STP.  RB commented that there is an enormous communication plan relating to all the separate projects within the MCP model.  Although it is good to be involved it’s hard to sell to the public due to its complicated nature.

Item 7:  Board member updates:

JB attended a Health & Housing summit hosted by Solent NHS Trust. The event looked at the links between housing, social care and health to mental health. JB gave an overview of the event and expressed the feeling that all involved seemed open to change.  There was a recognition that housing does impact on health and the event was full of interesting discussions. JB felt the event was well organised and whilst it was identified that agencies understand the needs of patients they are not always so good at listening to them and reporting back ; the real challenge is making it work.

BS explained how she had been taking part in the QA discharge surveys and highlighted some of the issues she had heard from patients. She also gave an updates from the recent volunteers meeting.

GH had attended a stakeholder event for the recruitment of Chair of Portsmouth Hospital Trust (PHT) Chair and Director of Strategy, Performance and Engagement. GH had given feedback but had not heard an outcome.  RB had information on the successful candidate to the role of Chair.

RB has given a presentation to the City-wide PPG meeting on the Terms of Reference and the constitution of his practices PPG. He informed the meeting the next City-wide PPG meeting was due to be held on 6th November from 6pm at Portsmouth Academy.

Item 8:  Any other Business (AOB)

There were no issues raised

Item 9:  Questions from the public:

As questions were covered during the meeting there were no further questions from members of the public.

Item 10: Dates of next public meeting:

· 4th December 2017 – Conference Room A, Civic Offices, Guildhall, Portsmouth 4pm – 6pm Guest Speaker: Mark Cubbon, Chief Executive Officer, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

· 27th February 2018 – Venue TBC this meeting will also be the Healthwatch Portsmouth AGM

GH thanked everyone for attending and the meeting closed.

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