Healthwatch Portsmouth jargon buster launched

Know the difference between primary and secondary care, care homes and nursing homes? What is SEND, QAH, CQC or MCP?

In health and social care, like in many areas of life, we all tend to use certain phrases and sets of initials assuming that everyone knows what we are talking about. This means that documents, presentations and public meetings can be hard to understand for the general audience (and in many cases the specialist audience too!).

In an attempt to overcome this difficulty at our Board meeting on 17 April 2018 we launched our new jargon buster with a list of definitions of commonly used words, phrases and acronyms.

See the Healthwatch Portsmouth jargon buster

The jargon buster is a working document that we will update periodically with new words, concepts and initials that emerge in this area so if you have anything that you think should be included please contact us

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