To celebrate National Poetry Day we would like to share with you a poem called Stub! written by our Advocate Fergus Cameron:

It’s not the first thing you say to yourself

Reviewing all aspects of improving your health

Your heart and your lungs

Your rising blood pressure

Your kidneys your liver

Your BMI measure


BUT BEWARE AT  ALL TIMES of the greatest health risk

When walking downstairs all cheerful and brisk

A moment of terror a flailing or arms

A loss of control an all system alarm

All of your mass and increasing velocity

Cut short in a stub of Homeric ferocity


Three toes take the brunt an iceberg they meet

Titanic survivor you stare at your feet

Your digits your tootsies your poor little pinkies

Your this little piggy your sweaty and stinkies

Tears stream as it stings right up through your nose

A blinding reminder

Look after your toes.