New Suicide Prevention Action plan – what do you think of the areas for action?

As part of their mental health work, Portsmouth City Council is looking at the devastating area of suicide and is producing a draft suicide prevention action plan, to reduce the number of suicides in the city and provide support for those bereaved or affected by suicide.

Around 24 people take their own lives by suicide each year in Portsmouth. This is higher as a rate than the England average. About 78% of these people are male. Suicide affects children, young people and adults – whether by taking their own life or as a person bereaved by suicide. Nationally, suicide is a leading cause of death for young people aged 15–24 years. Death by suicide (both nationally and locally) is highest in middle-aged men (i.e. 40-44 years).

Portsmouth City Council – working with its many partners – has identified seven key areas for action and are welcoming input into the development of the Plan. The seven key areas are based upon national and local evidence on suicides, and are:

1.      Achieve city wide leadership for suicide prevention

2.      Reduce the risk of suicide in key high-risk groups

3.      Tailor approaches to improve mental health in specific groups

4.      Reduce access to the means of suicide

5.      Provide better information and support to those bereaved or affected by suicide

6.       Support the media in delivering sensitive approaches to suicide and suicidal behaviour

7.      Support research and data collection

Actions are being developed under each of the seven areas. We would like to hear your thoughts on what these actions should be. What is important to include in the Plan? What are the current gaps in relation to deaths by suicides that need addressing? The plan will be delivered by Portsmouth City Council and partner organisations so the actions and timings need to be ones that are realistic for them to achieve.

Please provide feedback by 19th January to

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