Healthcare that people receive in primary care settings such as GPs surgeries has emerged as the top priority for healthwatches across England for 2019.

Based on feedback gained from healthwatch organisations across the country Healthwatch England has revealed the top national priorities for the new year:

  1. Primary care (including access to GPs)
  2. Children and young people
  3. Mental health
  4. Services working better together
  5. Adult social care, including residential care homes or care at home

These priorities reflect our priorities in Portsmouth where we receive regular feedback about difficulties in accessing primary care – from getting through on the phone to book appointments to difficulties in getting an appointment within a reasonable time.

This Spring we will be looking at GP services across the city and in particular at people’s knowledge and take up of new extended hours services such as the Lake Road hub.

Healthwatch Portsmouth to investigate take up and knowledge of extended hours Doctors services

Healthwatch England – Healthwatch network reveals top priorities for 2019