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Public Participation

Whenever opportunities arise, we are keen to encourage local people to feedback about different proposals to change how local services are commissioned and provided. This page provides links to engagement and consultation activities currently underway that the public are invited to contribute to:

  •  Mental Health Patient Support Survey – We currently have a student from the University of Portsmouth on placement with us conducting a community research project to find out about current patient experience with social and health care services and to learn about issues faced with the service that are received.

    If you or someone you know are living in Portsmouth, are currently receiving support for a long term mental health condition and olanzapine (the antipsychotic drug) was prescribed for your treatment we would be really grateful if you could take 5 minutes to complete our survey.

    To ensure confidentiality, please do not write your name on this survey.

    The survey can be completed by clicking here

NHS England work with NHS staff, patients, stakeholders and the public to improve health outcomes for people in England.  You can find their latest consultations and surveys on their website here:

For information about how NICE involve patients and the public in their work please visit the get involved page on the NICE website.

For more information about wider changes planned for health and social care, please go to the NHS Future Plans page in the Information Centre section of our website.

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