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Fratton Live At Home Scheme

It isn’t hard to identify those things that help most of us feel content. We want to be able to
get around, live securely and have company when we feel like it.

Most often those needs can be met while we continue to live in our own home, even as we grow older. That’s what MHA’s Live at Home Schemes are for.

Live at Home Schemes offer services and support to help older people lead independent, active and fulfilled lives, and to live securely.

We aim to help you maintain your independence while offering opportunities for
companionship, trusted support, and advice when you need it. We have services
which can be offered in your home, and group activities in a place where you can be
welcomed, and be among friends.

Above all, you will know that there is always someone to turn to for help, advice or
simply a chat.

Services include:

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Fratton Community Centre
Trafalgar Place Portsmouth
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